Conference Topics

  1. Sustainable regional development
    • Development of rural economics
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Sustainable agriculture and biological diversity
    • Quality education for sustainable development
    • Green energy strategies for sustainable development
    • Sustainable economic growth
    • Smart cities and Smart villages
    • Innovations in renewable technologies
  2. Green economics
    • Circular economy
    • Greenwashing
    • New trends in finance and accounting
    • Climate change and society
  3. ESG
    • ESG and sustainable financing
    • Sustainability and ESG strategies
    • Social responsibility in business
  4. Sustainable and green tourism
    • Ecological approach as a means of increasing competitiveness of rural tourism
    • Natura 2000 ecological network
    • Use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in rural tourism facilities
    • Physical planning in rural tourism
    • Special forms of nature-based tourism – opportunities and challenges
  5. Digital technologies
    • Technology for sustainability
    • Artificial intelligence for sustainability: challenges and opportunities